Object-oriented, modern, high performance, platform-independent, clear syntax and open source – just a few of the benefits of Python

Python is a programming language which was developed as an open source project by renowned mathematician Guido van Rossum.

Python’s capabilities are as enormous as its syntax is clear.  The language is object-oriented and offers modules, classes, exceptions, dynamic data types and flexible automatic type assignment at a very high level.  Python was designed purposefully to be as simple and concise as possible, and is therefore suitable even for beginner programmers.  For more experienced programmers, Python represents the best combination of technical brilliance and high suitability for everyday operations of all the currently available programming languages.

Python is a multi-paradigm language.  That means that programmers are not obliged to make use of one programming paradigm exclusively, but may rather select the paradigm that is best suited for a given task.  Object-oriented and structured programming are fully supported, and there are also a number of language features that support functional and aspect-oriented programming.  Python is equipped with powerful function libraries for an exhaustive range of tasks and is compatible with all current operating systems and platforms.

On the basis of its versatility, platform-independence and high performance, Python version 3 is deployed by labsolution in a wide variety of tasks and roles.

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