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LX, the medical lab software
The labsolution LIS

We rely on robust technologies

An evolving LIS - LX Software

An evolving LIS

Thanks to our agile software process, we can regularly expand our LIS with additional functionalities and adapt it to the constantly growing requirements and needs of the laboratories.

At labsolution, we only use technologies and development approaches that allow us to implement customer requirements quickly and efficiently while ensuring high product quality.

Our Development Process - LX Software

Our Development Process

The precise specification of requirements, UX/UI analysis, complete versioning with release management, automated test cycles as well as pre-version tests fit seamlessly into our development process.

Open API interfaces and easy setup of connections to devices and external systems enable efficient data integration.

Boundless Individualisation Options

Boundless Individualisation Options

Our own script language LXScript allows countless additional parameterisation options, so that individual wishes can often be implemented very quickly.

LXScript is platform-independent and successfully used in a wide variety of Windows and Linux environments.