labsolution develops and implements innovative software solutions for laboratories

Recent consolidation of the laboratory market has prompted the emergence of international laboratory groups on an ever-larger scale.  Differing legal requirements, country-specific provisions and the need for  centralised master data management and multilingualism are just a few of the accompanying challenges that have been successfully addressed by labsolution since its inception in 2010.

Software for the medical laboratory

It’s vital that software is fully adaptable to a customer’s needs without any adjustment on their part, and we believe that only those who understand the market can successfully serve their customers.  It’s according to this philosophy that our experienced specialists advise and support our clients’ in-house IT departments with everything from the conception and implementation to the day-to-day operation of our comprehensive software solutions.  We cooperate closely with our customers to guarantee a precise understanding of their individual requirements.  As well as allowing us to produce efficient, customer-oriented software, this also facilitates shorter development cycles, resulting in an overall even greater level of customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Development Processes

The software and development processes used at labsolution are specially selected to facilitate the quick and efficient realisation of customer requirements.  However, we ensure that this never results in a compromise on quality.  Documentation of requirements and of the entire development process, complete versioning with release management, automated test cycles and a pre-version test are all to be expected as standard within one of our streamlined development operations.


Our exclusively multilingual team of colleagues provides the software support and service that are included in our software solution packages as standard.