Evaluation and Controlling

The systematic evaluation of the available data is indispensable for every company. LX Analytics provides our LX customers with a Business Intelligence (BI) software package that meets the specific needs of medical laboratories and laboratory groups.

Basic package LX Analytics

Since LX makes all data available in a structured form, LX Analytics can be used to implement virtually any type of data query, whether medical or financial. The standard LX Analytics scope of delivery includes the most frequently requested reports from the areas of accounting and payments, customers, orders and medical issues. The generated reports appear in your corporate design.

The basic package also includes various QA reports, so-called quality and assurance reports. These automatically analyse your data at regular intervals and proactively alert you to possible errors.

LX Analytics can of course be extended with additional reports. At labsolution you have a team of experts at your disposal, but you can also create your own reports with the appropriate BI knowledge.

Efficient evaluation, convenient display

In addition to the usual list displays, all modern display and navigation options are available. Multi-level drill-down reports, diagrams, graphical representations of gradients, sparklines and much more support you in the correct interpretation of your data. Everything is displayed in a web-based user interface.

Of course, LX Analytics can also be used to generate electronic reports (Excel, PDF, ...). This can be done with a mouse click or fully automated, at times specified by you. An automated e-mail reporting to recipient lists of your choosing is also one of the many features of LX Analytics.

Depending on the question, different measures are taken (real time replication, materialized views, cubes,...) to ensure the shortest response times even for complex queries, without impairing routine operation.

The role-based user administration can be controlled via your existing Active Directory infrastructure. This means that only those areas and reports are activated for which the respective user has access rights.


LX Analytics is developed in cooperation with our partner Dekanox.

If you wish to receive further information, you can contact us at info@labsolution.lu or by phone +352 2690 8165.

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