The labsolution LIS

LX, a powerful and user-friendly laboratory software

The demands placed on medical laboratories are constantly increasing. Workflows are becoming more complex and at the same time need to be completed faster and more cost-effectively.
With the powerful and user-friendly laboratory management system LX labsolution supports you in an excellent way to meet the current and future challenges in medical laboratories innovatively.

LX adapts to the customer, not the other way around

LX was developed by labsolution with the goal of creating a user-friendly laboratory software. Our mission: LX adapts to the customer, not the other way around. The strengths of individual, existing components were combined into a powerful and innovative complete solution that is suitable for all types of medical laboratories.

Better customer service with higher quality and efficiency at the same time

LX takes into account the requirements and wishes of everyone involved in the laboratory processes and results:

  • the laboratory management, which has to decide on the purchase of the software
  • the laboratory staff using the software
  • physicians who use services of the laboratory

Your investments are secured thanks to

  • the expandable, modular product concept
  • the scalability of the stable and proven basic infrastructure
  • the innovative conception of the software
  • the use of widespread, established software engineering standards

LX improves efficiency in the laboratory through

  • outstanding adaptability to complex processes, with the aim of cost efficiency and shortened lead times
  • short familiarization periods due to intuitive user interface and individual, workplace-specific menus
  • a high degree of automation, made possible by the use of software generators
  • reliable, qualified technical assistance

LX helps you to retain and win new customers through

  • short response times
  • detailed and tailor-made laboratory reports
  • easy to understand presentation of reports
  • a consistently high quality through reliable and transparent data
  • customisable configuration options
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