From pricing to invoicing
SMB, the laboratory invoicing software

The laboratory invoicing software

SMB is an invoicing module that was developed specifically for laboratory invoicing requirements. The name SMB stands for 'stage modelled billing' and describes multi-stage pricing and invoicing, which can be traced in detail in each phase. Customisable rules help users obtain the desired results.

SMB is an integral part of LX, our modern LIS. Alternatively, SMB can be coupled separately to a wide variety of LIS as a stand-alone billing software.  SMB is therefore ideally suited for standardising invoicing, especially in larger laboratory groups whose invoicing is managed by a central department.

Price determination and approval

A visual, pool-based billing approval leads the data sent from LIS to the next step, invoicing. A sales forecast is possible for each client at any time. The approval workflow is configured in such a way that the invoice data is presented to different experts depending on the complexity of the cases. Data can be corrected and extended directly, with the possibility of splitting it into further debtors and invoice types.  With SMB, it is possible to visually understand down to the smallest detail how the price came about. Depending on the quality of the data transmitted by the LIS, this approval step can be turned off and invoicing can take place without additional effort.

Invoice generation

During the subsequent invoicing process, all common print and electronic formats are available thanks to the integrated output manager renderZ. Different parameters can be defined for each invoice type. Whether single or collective invoice, period from daily to quarterly, format or layout of the invoices. If desired, the invoicing step can also be automated, globally or by invoice type.

An additional advantage of SMB is the display of different agreements. These are used in pricing and invoicing and can also be printed out for documentation purposes.

Generating partial or complete credit notes is possible with a few simple mouse clicks. The credited orders go back to the release pool. There the necessary adjustments can be carried out comfortably.

If our customers have their own financial accounting department, invoices and credit notes are transmitted to them automatically. Alternatively, payments and reminders can also be processed via SMB's own module. Of course, convenient tools are available here to make daily work easier.

... and much more

When SMB is introduced in your laboratory, the master data for price calculation and invoicing is imported from your existing systems. If made possible by your LIS, the data can be transferred directly to SMB during the transition phase thanks to real-time synchronization. As soon as the LIS transmits order data, it is possible to generate invoices in an SMB test environment. This allows potential problems and errors to be detected and resolved early on, which enables a smooth transition to SMB.

Thanks to the relational database, our customers have direct access to the production database with the Business Intelligence (BI) tools they are familiar with. With the optional evaluation tool LX LabAnalytics, configurable reports and statistics can be created on request. The user can choose between screen display, electronic output (PDF, Excel, ..), paper printout or email reports.

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