The software suite for generating results, reports, bills, circular letters or other documents required to satisfy exacting standards

Your output management system

Freely definable layouts, multilingual capabilities, a design preview function and high performance at runtime: these are just a few of renderZ’s key features.  renderZ manages your complete output management workload.   Alongside the printed paper form, renderZ supports fax, email, pdf and other electronic formats.  Free scalability of the system renders it just as suitable for small laboratories with minimal numbers of documents per day as it is for laboratory networks with print centres.  Several thousand individualised printouts or faxes per day are easily accomplished.

renderZ can be connected to any system that makes its data available via XML or database access.  It manages the integration of image data from analysis equipment or other sources with ease.  Layout configuration occurs via a graphic designer and can be refined down to the smallest detail by means of simple XML instructions.  Complex graphics are generated with the use of an embedded .NET scripting language.

Open, versatile, future-proof

Thanks to the use of up-to-the-minute technologies, renderZ is optimally configured to accommodate future developments.  An archiving module, renderZ-Store, is available alongside the basic module, whilst renderZ-Web enables monitoring of ongoing operations via web browser.

renderZ is developed by our partnerer vmxlabsolution deploys renderZ for its entire laboratory reporting needs.  Existing layout templates (results, graphs and much more) can be pressed directly into use or, where necessary, adjusted by our specialists to align with individual requirements.  We can also provide training for your personnel if so desired.

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