Our framework for the exchange of data with external systems.

The exchange of data with external systems counts among the core tasks that any LIS software has to perform.  Laboratory instruments receive orders and generate results; sample sorters and distributors optimise the workflow in the laboratory; patient data, accounting data and diagnostic results are exchanged among information systems belonging to the doctor, laboratory and hospital.

A framework for data exchange

Here is where the ITF framework comes in.  ITF provides an integrative InTerFace for the LIS and implements the specific requirements of each interface in an ITF connector.

The connectors communicate via a network, via serial interfaces or via data exchange with the remote station, which often specifies a proprietary protocol.  All ITF connectors are inclusive of the relevant components and are incorporated into a complete integrative solution in such a way that the programmer has only to take care of the protocol-specific requirements.

The ITF framework is based on SCXML, with which new and complex exchange protocols can be displayed in an easily intelligible fashion.

The ITF connectors can be deployed just as easily within a Linux or a Windows environment.

Monitoring and control

Web-based monitoring enables real-time control and visualisation of communication of individual connections.  All modules are constantly observed in the background, and trigger freely configurable alarms upon the occurrence of an error.   This facilitates rapid error analysis in case of problems, without the need to rely on specialist input.

Efficient connection of new interfaces

The ITF module enables rapid creation of new connections to analytical devices and external systems.  These can be provided by labsolution or, if so desired, prepared by the client themselves upon completion of a labsolution training course.

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  • LX ITF interfaces - Solutions