Consulting, development, training, support

With LX, we offer you a modern and proven laboratory information system (LIS) that can be adapted to the needs of your laboratory thanks to our expandable, modular concept.

As our customer, you are a partner from whom we can learn and with who we look forward to sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience.  By communicating with each of our customers on an individual basis, we form the understanding required to know how best to deal with their needs.

The scope of services offered by labsolution includes

  • Consulting/Advisory
  • Creation and implementation of software solutions
  • Training
  • Maintenance


The LIS is the core software used in the laboratory.  It focuses on laboratory-specific requirements like order entries, sample processing, diagnostics and so forth. Alongside this, laboratories utilise the same kinds of software solutions as are found in other establishments and businesses: those designed for control, financial accounting, reports and more.

labsolution helps to combine the different components.  The labsolution team’s many years of experience within the LIS sector means they are also well-placed to identify new software strategies.


Often, pre-existing and established modules are not sufficient to sustain new and evolving laboratory requirements. For this reason, labsolution offers its own software.  This can either be individual software tailored to meet your particular needs on a project basis, or standard software developed by us or one of our partners.  labsolution optimises the software according to the profile and circumstances of the individual client.


Our software packages are conceived in such a way that the customer can choose to implement them themselves if so desired, and labsolution offers training courses to enable this.  This may be of particular interest to laboratories or laboratory groups whose IT departments need to react to changing needs in a cost- and time-optimised manner, independently of software suppliers.  Should you select this option, we will of course be happy to act as a point of contact and to keep you informed about new developments.


Included in our services as standard is the relevant software support for packages offered.